Industrial Motion & Control Specialists

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Our products are great but our engineers really make it happen!

Our customers have come to expect MacTech Motion & Control engineers to quickly and accurately specify and support our components for a given application.  We believe this is a basic requirement and part of our responsibility to the manufacturers we work with and for the products and packages we design and build.

MacTech Motion & Control does not stop at this basic service.  Our engineers are able to assist our customers in determining how these components relate to and depend on the successful selection and integration of other components of a system.  Successful motion control applications depend on knowledge of both the mechanical and electrical aspects of a system and how they affect each other.  Our mechanical and electrical engineers work closely together to provide a truly integrated package that will be durable and reliable through years of production use. 

Mechanical Engineering

CAD Design, Sizing and Selection of Linear Motion components and systems including ball screws, acme screws, linear slides, motor mounts, bearing packages and more
Sizing and Selection of  Servo, Stepper and AC & DC Motors and Drives
Sizing and Selection of Linear Rails and Bearings and Gearboxes

Electrical & Software Engineering

CAD Design, Specification, Technical Application Support, Software, Training and Startup Assistance for the following industrial control products:

Motion Controllers

Operator Interfaces



AC & DC Drives

General Electrical Control Components